S.O.S Security Suite Portable (x64)

By | January 8, 2022

S.O.S Security Suite Portable (x64) Free Download is a free, person-friendly utility that helps you to get rid of Malware, Adware, and Spyware, and also forestall from being infected.

Overview Of S.O.S Security Suite Portable (x64)

There is also a hardware and safety flaws detection element and a machine optimization module. All these features collectively bring you what the application’s initials stand for: A Safer and Optimal System.

S.O.S Security Suite Portable Free Download is the successor to UVK and is designed to assist you to eliminate Malware, Adware, and Spyware and assist in preventing you from being infected.

Keeping the pc malware-free is by ways the most important job for each and every PC user out there. And if you prefer to choose a choice to all the popular protection solutions out there you can attempt S.O.S. Security Suite.

It also consists of a hardware and security flaw detection factor and a system optimization module that, when mixed with its other features, allows you to have a Safer and Optimal System – thus S.O.S.

S.O.S Security Suite has to be used alongside your full-service antivirus app of choice like Malwarebytes and ought to be considered some other layer of protection for your machine. As referred to above, it includes a device flaw detection module that will notify you about any software or hardware-related problems and then help restoration them.

The included System Optimization module will assist keep you protected by making sure that you have the best privacy, performance, and reliability for your system. S.O.S. Security Suite can both be installed as a transportable tool or an installer; the alternative is given during install.

It additionally provides you with a danger scan. It has a System Immunization and Executes section that will stop work by stopping threats from being executed as an alternative of just blockading them when they are being executed. You can also whitelist apps easily.

SOS’s interface is easy-to-navigate but packed with useful elements and includes a hyperlink to an online assist section if you get stuck. S.O.S Security Suite seems to be by all money owed a decent device in the ongoing fight towards malware, etc.

Shows system info

The principal window displays a flurry of statistics about the current machine, such as the OS variety and version presently installed, along with important points about the CPU, the RAM, or the graphics board.

You additionally get an overview of the security apps presently running on your PC, and the popularity of your HDD or SSD. At this point, you can apply numerous fixes, such as free storage space, enable the gadget to restore or update the OS.

In-depth evaluation of the PC

When you want to check the status of your computer, S.O.S. Security Suite can analyze it and show all the apps that are currently set to mechanically launch when you start your PC, as nicely as multiple fixes that can improve the overall overall performance of your browsers.

To make sure malware can’t infect your machine, you can choose one or greater of the available tweaks: empty transient folders, run an SFC scan, repair Windows with DISM, reset the host’s file or the DNS settings.

Additional scan parameters can be adjusted as you see fit, for the occasion you can look for have a look at all detected PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and autorun items.


To wrap it up, S.O.S. Security Suite would possibly take a little bit of getting used to, yet its plethora of features make it worth your while.

What’s New:

Fixed: Double key name in provider registry paths (Threat scanner)
Improved the file objects scan (Threat scanner)
Bug fixes and definition updates. You Can Also Download WAU Manager (Windows Automatic Updates) 3.1 Portable

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