Files Inspector Pro 3.16 Portable

By | January 9, 2022

Files Inspector Pro 3.16 Portable Free Download is a device that allows you to look into the data on your disks and delete or uninstall the out-of-date ones, thus liberating up space and enhancing the performance of your gadget at the same time.

Overview Of Files Inspector Pro 3.16 Portable

Includes an analyzer that helps you investigate that data on the disk

Following an uneventful set up you are welcomed by a modern, smooth, and stylish interface. You have to bear in the idea that the tool starts Offevolved to scan your disk as soon as you open it, a manner that could take some time relying on the size of the HDD or SSD. On a facet note, while ready you can check out the suggestions and functionality notes of the app especially if you did not use comparable apps before.

The idea at the back of the tool is to function an express evaluation of the documents, images, multimedia, and another kind of data, and display the area occupied in a clear manner. While it is true that it does now not display it with charts, the bars are pretty intuitive and you can easily get an overview of the documents that take up the most space.

Advanced users can make an even deeper evaluation as the tool comes with a parser that permits you to examine statistics in all files and folders on the existing storage.

Quickly delete the information that you do not need

Once you determine what data wishes to be removed from the disk, you have the choice to erase it directly from the inner of the app. This is not solely applicable to documents and folders, but additionally for applications that you no longer use and simply take up space. According to the developer, the app allows for secure deletion and, just in case you trade your mind, you can find these days erased data in Recycle Bin.

Features Of Files Inspector Pro 3.16 Portable

1. Quick evaluation of the file system

Provides the results quickly after startup. Allows you to assess what records are on the disks.

2. Quick analysis of the file system

The analyzer assessments the data on the disks and shows the results in a handy diagram, which makes it clear which elements occupy the most disk house on your PC.

3. Advanced features for skilled users

Experienced users can flexibly and totally study the data about their media and delete unnecessary data.


Express evaluation of user files
Express takes a look at analyzes folders, documents, images, videos, music, and other archives and displays the area occupied on the disks.

Advanced analyzer

For advanced users, Files Inspector has a superior parser that allows you to investigate the data in all archives and folders on the existing storage media.

Deletion of unneeded data

After you locate unneeded files or folders in the listing of Files Inspector’s analyzer, you can delete them without the want to use Explorer or another device for working with the file system.

Deleting unneeded files and folders

While analyzing the content of the discs, you can delete unneeded documents and folders in a couple of clicks to free space on the media in your computer.

Removing unneeded applications

Removing unneeded purposes is one of the important steps to liberating up the disk space. Applications may be eliminated directly thru Files Inspector.


Files Inspector allows deleting archives and folders. To prevent inaccurate actions, all deleted items are positioned in the Recycle Bin, from which they may be without delay restored.

PRO Compressing photos barring the loss of their quality

For freeing up extra space, you can compress photos except lose their quality. This additionally reduces the space occupied by way of photos a common of 10%.

What’s NEW:

  • The Applications and Games section:
  • The new function is “Removal equipment from the developers”.
  • The developers of some purposes are providing a different utility for the complete elimination of the applications from the system.
  • This feature allows you to download such a utility, if one is available for the application, and produce the entire removal of the utility with it.
  • Getting the application’s traces before uninstalling as nicely as determining the sizes of the hooked up applications has been accelerated.
  • Applications’ traces search for algorithm improvements that are used in the entire applications elimination function. You Can Also Download PC Cleaner Pro Portable

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