Quick CPU 4.2.1 Portable

By | January 10, 2022

Quick CPU 4.2.1 Portable Free Download (formerly recognized as Core Parking Manager v3) – is an application that used to be designed to fine-tune and monitors CPU overall performance settings such as Core Parking, Frequency Scaling, and Turbo Boost, as well as making different adjustments.

Overview Of Quick CPU 4.2.1 Portable

Below you’ll find all the data about how it works, how to interpret application records and settings, and how to make these adjustments.

Features Of Quick CPU 4.2.1 Portable

  1. Performance graph for every core. Displays if the core is Active or Parked
  2. Adjustable size for the person CPU graph
  3. Real-time counter to display a wide variety of active vs parked cores
  4. Adjustable CPU core parking settings
  5. Adjustable CPU frequency scaling settings
  6. Adjustable CPU rapid boost settings
  7. Real-time C-State residency indications and configuration
  8. Real-time CPU speed
  9. Real-time CPU utilization
  10. Real-time CPU temperature
  11. System memory profile
  12. System strength output
  13. System power nation settings support (AC/DC)
  14. System electricity plan support
  15. Application updates
  16. Changes are utilized on the fly. NO NEED TO RESTART

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