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By | January 22, 2022

PCData Back Portable Free Download Free Download is an expert backup & restore device for Windows, which allows you to without difficulty back up and restore personal (and other) data.

Overview Of PCData Back Portable

It has the impressive restoring capacity to create exact equal user debts and restore records directly from a specific volume or from Windows. old, making this device a great backup/restore answer for Windows reinstall, migration to SSD or bigger HDD, or definitely to keep a protected backup copy of your data.

PCdata Back Portable approves you to easily backup and repair user (and other) data. It has the fantastic restoring ability to create the precise same consumer accounts that have been backed up, making it a great backup answer for Windows reinstall, migration to SSD or bigger HDD, restoring consumer data from Windows. old or from a specific PC, or simply to preserve a safe backup replica of your data.

This feature used to be built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. All selections are shown in one pane, so you set up the whole lot in just a few clicks.

PCdata Back can additionally automatically realize user folders that have been moved to a non-standard location, so you don’t want to worry about that.

In order to use PCdata Back, you simply need to download the executable file by urgent the button above and then launch the downloaded file. No installation is required. You will be introduced to a screen comparable to the picture above. Then click on the button of your choice; if you’re going to create a new backup or update an existing one, click on Start backup.

Otherwise, if you are going to restore a backup, click on Restore now. PCdata Back will open a File browsing dialog, permitting you to search for and select the backup file to open. Then you will be taken to the Restore section.

The Restore area is even more dynamic. User records can be restored to different personal accounts, or the same person accounts can be routinely created on the fly by the restoring process. Finally, the greater backed-up folders can be restored to locations special from the original ones, and all this can be setup inside just a few seconds.

As stated above, PCdata Back can also restorative data from a distinct volume containing a preceding Windows installation. In addition, you can restore statistics from C:\Windows.old. This is where current data is moved to when you operate a new OS installation by using booting up from the Windows install media. If you locate this location in your PC, then you may additionally have your old photographs or documents there, and you can use PDCata again to easily fix them.

Choose the data to back up: PCData Back Portable

If you want to create a brand new backup, you can pick out the user account(s) you are involved in, as well as the consumer folders (like Application Data, Documents, Music, Videos, Desktop, Downloads, Pictures, or other folders). You even get the opportunity to choose extra directories to be added to the backup.

You can assign your new backup an applicable name and pick its location – if you solely want to replace an existing backup, you can test the option that approves you to only reproduce the new files, whereas the system archives and the hidden ones are skipped.


All in all, PCData Back can become your go-to answer for quickly backing up data about your user profile, even if you have very little PC skills. Restoring a backup is simply as easily done, with minimal input wished by the user. You Can Also Download A4ScanDoc Portable

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