EJ Technologies JProfiler 13.0 x64

By | February 7, 2022

EJ Technologies JProfiler 13.0 x64 Free Download equipment are programs for monitoring some parameters at the JVM level and in order to assist the programmer optimize the written code, details of how to run the software and system assets (such as the amount and manner of Provides the programmer with the required CPU usage, enter / output, and memory.

Overview Of EJ Technologies JProfiler 13.0 x64

In general, profiling in dynamic programming is a program that typically applies the operation of computational complexity theory to a unique part of the program, and profiling is most used in optimization.

JProfiler is one of the most effective tools for profiling Java applications, which approves you to easily profile functions under Java to optimize their performance. In this program, you will journey simplicity and power together, and this has made it convenient to run all kinds of profiling (including reminiscence profiling and database) for small and large applications without spending more time. One of the features of this software program is Database Profiling, and since database calls are one of the most frequent causes of overall performance problems in business applications, this feature is very important.

Key Features of EJ Technologies JProfiler 13.0 x64 software:

  • Profile programs on JVM
  • Easy to use whilst powerful equipment and operations
  • Database profiling for JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL
  • Extraordinary support for JEE (Java Enterprise Edition)
  • Show a greater level of profiling data
  • Star Leak Analysis of Memory Leak
  • Support for command-line operations
  • Support for a range of platforms, popular IDEs, and frequent application servers
  • Low overhead
  • Thread profiling in multi-thread applications

JProfiler is a powerful device that you can use to profile Java-based functions in a dynamic way and enables you to analyze them in hopes of optimizing performance.

Exceptional ease of use

When your profile, you want the most powerful device you can get. At the same time, you do no longer want to spend time gaining knowledge of how to use the tool. JProfiler is just that: easy and powerful at the equal time. Configuring sessions is straightforward, 1/3 party integrations make getting began a breeze and profiling data is introduced in a natural way. On all levels, JProfiler has been cautiously designed to help you get started out with solving your problems.

Database profiling for JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL

Database calls are the pinnacle reasons for overall performance problems in commercial enterprise applications. JProfiler’s JDBC and JPA / Hibernate probes as well as the NoSQL probes for MongoDB, Cassandra, and HBase exhibit the reasons for gradual database access and how gradual statements are called by means of your code. From the JDBC timeline view that shows you all JDBC connections with their activities, via the hot spots view that suggests you slow statements to a number of telemetry views and a list of single events, the database probes are a critical tool for getting perception into your database layer.

Excellent support for Java Enterprise Edition

Dedicated help for JEE is present in most views in JProfiler. For example, in the JEE aggregation stage, you see the call tree in phrases of the JEE components in your application. In addition, the name tree is split up for every request URI. Also, JProfiler adds a semantic layer on top of the low-level profiling data, like JDBC, JPA / Hibernate, JMS, and JNDI call that are presented in the CPU profiling views. With its JEE support, JProfiler bridges the hole between a code profiler and a high-level JEE monitoring tool.

Higher-level profiling data

JProfiler has a variety of probes that show you greater level information from interesting subsystems in the JRE. In addition to the Java EE subsystems like JDBC, JPA / Hibernate, JSP / Servlets, JMS, internet services, and JNDI, JProfiler additionally presents excessive level facts about RMI calls, files, sockets, and processes. Each of these probes has its own set of beneficial views that gives you typical insight, highlights performance issues, and allows you to hint at single events. And what’s more, all these views are also accessible for your own customized probes that you can configure on the fly within JProfiler.

Stellar evaluation of memory leaks

Finding a reminiscence leak can be impossible besides the right tool. JProfiler’s heap walker presents you with an intuitive interface to solve each simple and complicated memory problem. 5 special views and lots of inspections exhibit different components of the current set of objects. Each view affords you essential insights into the chosen objects and lets you switch to one of kind objects sets. Questions like why objects are not garbage collected are answered with a single click on of the mouse.

Extensive QA capabilities

JProfiler is ideally suited as a QA tool, each during improvement as well as for devoted QA teams. The rich performance around photo comparisons makes it easy to tune progress.

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